代表紹介 イスマイルゼンエルディーン








CEO in Japan

To fathom the unique business style of the Japanese people was a bit challenging for him at first. After four years of hard luck in Japan, he finally succeeded in making solid connections; he initiated a fundamental structure to develop the business further in Japan.

Apart from working with the online business of affiliated group companies, he is planning on selling cosmetic products of high quality, in addition to managing cosmetic fields such as total beauty salon and esthetician training schools.

Japanese Entrepreneur

His new goal is to deliver new branded products and services to the market. He is working towards achieving the goal that makes him happy, and he’s proud of! Furthermore, he is working hard to succeed in his business in Japan by working with the Japanese businessmen with the same morals and principle as his.

We aspire to do excellent business here in Japan with the people and the companies, who are already connected with us. To achieve that goal, a good relationship with several Japanese entrepreneurs and businesspeople with a global level of objectivity is required. We, as a Company, are obsessively passionate about our clientele. We believe- customers can never be bought but are earned.

I feel there are a lot of things which we still need to learn about the Japanese business, to attain success in this career- Ismail Zen El Dine, Representative Director & President.