Zed International got into fashion for a very simple reason: It can be hard to find good attire to wear all the time.

We connect you to the finest fashion from around the world, making sure you look the best you can all the time. As experts in fashion, we know exactly what you need

Our products are made in Spain to make sure that you receive the highest quality designers making your clothes with the richest fabric.

We know how important quality is to you, so we never compromise on quality. Our brand is for global business people, entrepreneurs and for people that appreciate the finer things in life.

Not only do we provide you with the finest products, but also you join a network of business members at VIPBillionaires. You get to nurture networks and build business relationships through this club making sure you always on top of the game.

Furthermore, our networks goes beyond pure business relationships. We own a model agency in Dubai that can showcase a variety of our products. We also host huge fashion events showing our commitment to the latest trends.

To keep such high fashion standards, we produce the best quality for clients all the time – so that they can inspire others.